I am a Southern California photographer that specializes in erotic art photography.   Most of my photo shoots include underwear, implied nudity and fully nude models showcasing the beauty of the human form.  I also provide photographic services to events such as nightclubs and festivals where I enjoy capturing memories of people enjoying life at the end of the day.   I have been taking photos since I was a teen and have always been amazed at its seemingly limitless forms of expression.   I believe there is no such thing as a bad photograph because to me a photograph is merely one second in time that is forever immortalized.  

 I try to push the boundaries of what is considered "normal".   I do not feel that art should just be pretty (although much of mine fits this simple definition), art should challenge us as a society and stir emotions, challenge thoughts, and make us start talking about not just what we believe but why we believe it.   If one of my pictures makes you angry, confused, or questions yourself then I have done my job.   If for nothing else you are now challenging your own beliefs perhaps to reinforce them or perhaps to begin a new thought process.   No one is wrong in how they view art,  just as no one is wrong in how they create art. 

I will go to any extent to get the shot you want.   I will hike as far as you want me to go and cross ice cold rivers to get to the perfect location for you.   I will brave the heat of the most barren desert if you want me to.   My job is to make a product that makes  you not only happy with the quality but created the vision you had.   My commitment to my models is to do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy with the end product.   So buy stock in advil because I go through a lot of it lol.   

My background . . . I was born in Indiana, grew up in a conservative home and eventually joined the Navy.   After separating from the Navy I became a nurse which I still enjoy doing but photography is where my passion lies.   I am asked all the time how I made such a transition and tell people the two jobs are very much alike.   In both I have to think on my feet and multitask, I have about 3-5 minutes to gain a patients trust and it is the same with a model.   Most importantly as a nurse I care and that carries over to how I treat my models.   I view the photographer/model relationship as a collaborative one, not a dictatorship.   In order for something to be a great piece of art we both have to be on board with the concept, execution and overall feel of the shoot.   We must work as a team otherwise nothing of any greatness is accomplished.

I want any model who may wish to have me conduct a photo shoot for them to know that your privacy and safety are of the utmost concern to me while we are doing a photoshoot.   Many of the models that come to me are high profile models and for that reason all photo shoots regardless of size or location have a security detail in place.   Our security firm is Bellator Protection L.L.C.  For more information about our security and asset protection firm visit their website at  http://bellatorproctectionllc.com.  We customize the security needed for each shoot based upon information provided by the model and independent analysis of real and potential needs.  Just as no two situations are alike, neither are the safety and security needs.   I go to every measure to ensure that models do not get approached by fans during the shoot or while going to and from vehicles.  All security provided is done so at no cost to my client.  All staff and interns are required to sign non-disclosure agreements prior to starting work as well as undergo a back ground investigation.  






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